We are agents of love.

Our mission is to make the world more beautiful, one artwork at a time.

Whatever your circumstances

join our world and Get a Heart.

Our Why & What

We believe the world needs more LOVE and we are taking it upon ourselves to single-handedly solve this problem: we are offering love.
We are not conceptual, we are not political, and we wish to steer clear of controversy. We don’t want to make an impression; we want to make an impact.
We are cute warriors of love and our mission is to make life more beautiful for everyone, spreading the love one little heart at a time.
Simultaneously artworks and art objects, depending on how you want to enjoy them, our hearts are handmade with love and unique.

They come in 3 sizes: HEARTS (measuring ~6,5×6,5×3 cm), BIG Hearts (~20x20x3 cm) and MICRO Hearts (~3×2,5×1,5 cm).

To Get a Heart email us at ugetaheart@gmail.com.

The 2021 HEARTS are here

The 2021 Hearts Collection is ready.

We employ all our mastery to create unique Hearts for you and your loved ones.
Get a Heart and gift it to your favourite people.
Or keep it to yourself because you are awesome and you deserve it.

For further info email us at ugetaheart@gmail.com.

Ηere is a sneak-peek of what’s in store ⇩. There’s more where these come from – just ask us to mail you a link with the full catalogue.

Here's more HEARTS for U

Enjoy some or our favourite Hearts from our launch show. See the full list of artworks here.

And here's some BIG Hearts

All our hearts are handmade with love and unique, but our Big Hearts are BIG on everything:
craftsmanship, attention to detail and an extra dose of loving care.

Their size is approx. 20 x 20 x 3 cm. See the full list here.

What about MICRO-Hearts?

Micro-hearts are tiny artworks. Like all hearts, they are handmade & unique, but they are designed to be with you at all times.
Their size is approx. 3 x 2,5 x 1,5 cm. and did we mention they are magnets?
They work alone or in groups of many – place them anywhere you want and enjoy all their special benefits.

Heart Factory Moments

Behind the scenes, press, art and the bits and pieces that make up our universe.
Get a Heart – whether big, normal or micro, we say it will bring you luck, improve your love-life and act as a constant reminder of how special you are.
For special projects, collaborations & commissions or to get your heart contact us at ugetaheart@gmail.com.

Alexandra & Dimitris