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2024 marks 30 years of presence in the professional arena.
I have NO IDEA when this happened.
In any event, this is cause for celebration.



30 years went by in a flash. Three decades of immersing myself into the world of Art & Design, exploring things from every angle, learning, building, conquering, and then all over again, in an ongoing quest to expand myself.
It feels like I am still at the beginning of my journey.I have yet SO much to do, experiment with and create and I remain perpetually curious and excited at the prospect of it all.

The Years: 1994 - 2024

Each square below represents a Year. Click to find out what it is about. 

(Ahem, I know… I haven’t done this properly yet – I promise to be adding more details as soon as possible.)

The Celebratory Programme

Ιn truth, I didn’t catch this in time – it only recently hit me that 2024 is such a key year in my career. This means that the programme is evolving as we speak and it is an actual work in progress! There is an abundance of exciting ideas on the table but we will have to wait and see what will manage to make the leap to materialisation. I look forward to finding out myself!

“Through the things and experiences I create I wish to infuse an element of joy to the everyday. I am trying to make life more beautiful, one artistic gesture at a time.”

Coming Up Next


A proper celebration of art is in the making!
Some hints: it involves a select group of favourite artists, my book Greek Art from A to Z and it’s 100% fresh and unlike anything you have seen.
Want to find out more? ▽

Speaking of my Book...


is one of my favourite projects ever. Written and illustrated by me, this comical exposé of the Greek Art World is meant to make you an art expert in no time! Check the presentation video here, buy the book here and enjoy special photos below. ▽

Do you know what else I love?

My personal line of Couture, Prêt-à-porter & Bespoke Ceramics.
Unique, handmade, hand painted and hand glazed with love in Greece The Royal Artefacts are meant to put a smile on your face and brighten up your day.
Some fabulous new designs are currently residing in my mind – l look forward to finding the time to properly introduce them. Until then, read more about my ceramics here and enjoy a taste below. ▽

My Top 5 Art Shows

5. Private View (Athens)
4. Moniker Art Fair (London)
3. Successfull Living (Athens)
2. Cultural Bridges Athens – Quito (Quito)
1. The next one (Coming up in Athens)

2 Wonderful Collaborations


with Dimitris Liossis
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with Constantine Vraziotis
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Please keep coming back

This page itself is a work in progress! I will continue populating it with landmark moments,  background stories, news and announcements about upcoming events throughout the year.

Thanks for joining me in this wonderful ride. 

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