Alexandra Kollaros & a select group of Greek artists
invite you to celebrate Contemporary Art.

The Concept

A group of distinguished Greek Artists, an entourage of art doodles, 1 author / curator & 1 art book.
These are the ingredients of “The Most Wonderful Art Show“, an art exhibition that is literally like no other.

Alexandra Kollaros invites select Greek artists to create collaborative works, drawing inspiration from the characters of her book “Greek Art from A to Z”. In the humorous spirit of the book, the exhibition’s starting point is sincere love for art and its final destination its pure enjoyment, without pretence or otherwise terms and conditions.

A proper celebration of art.

The Protagonists

The gallerist, the curator, the art critic, the striving artist, the collector, the art lover & all:
The art crowd, those special characters that make up the fabric of the contemporary art world.

Each cartoon corresponds to an artist. Click to find out whom.

The Curator

Ever since I wrote my book, I have been dreaming of making this happen: a collaborative exhibition put together to celebrate and enjoy art for art’s sake. I have brought together what I consider to be an elite team of artists. Artists I admire and respect – this was the number one prerequisite. They create work that inspires reactions, provokes emotions and resonates with the audience. Art that is in direct conversation with the viewer, communicating concepts and ideas with no-frills immediacy. I invited artists who produce interesting Greek art today, creators worth familiarising oneself with. They have confidence in their talent and I, in turn, had confidence that this talent will bring my vision to life, in the form of tiny “masteworks”. And this is exactly what happened. I am proud of the work we are presenting and look forward to sharing it with the world.

Invariably this is a concise ‘Best of’:
the artists I believe are on top of the Greek art game at this moment in time.”

Alexandra Kollaros

The Artists

Yiannis Adamakis ✧ Lila Belivanaki ✧ Ismini Bonatsou ✧ Lambrini Boviatsou ✧ Manolis Charos ✧ Takis Germenis ✧ Itsmi ✧ Cacao Rocks ✧ Vassilis Karakatsanis ✧ Vassilis Karouk ✧ Nikos Lagos ✧ Dimitris Liossis ✧ Alexandros Maganiotis ✧ Dimitra Marouda ✧ Eleanna Martinou ✧ Katerina Papazissi ✧ Paraskevi ✧ Konstantinos Patsios ✧ Danae Stratou ✧ Dimitris Tataris ✧ Iakovos Volkov ✧ Constantine Vraziotis ✧ Ioli Xifara

Do you want to see it?

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