“The Nudes” is a solo exhibition by Kalliopi Kouklinou. Revolving around the naked figure, the artworks on show explore our bodies as vessels to contain our complex human nature and vehicles to navigate the journey of life. Curated by Alexandra Kollaros, the exhibition was presented between 2 March – 2 April 2022, within the frame of Art Now.

The figures, the poses and the structure often arise from the need one has for form. You have something in mind. In the process you start distancing yourself from the initial stimulus, you start observing what the drawing demands, where it is taking you on its own. It is the drawing that guides you and leads you to where it must go. To me, a composition is fulfilled with the  intervention of the viewer, the interpretation he is going to offer to the work. I provide the artwork and he provides his thoughts, I offer the opportunity and he finishes the story off in his mind, and thus the artwork peaks. This is why exhibiting in public is important to me, to release the artworks from my world and drive them to their final destination, their conclusion.

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