Artworks that enhance the sofa’s fabric

Private View Exhibition

artAZ Houston Pop-Up Show

Private View Exhibition – The Dungeon

We produce original exhibition concepts that reflect the spirit of the times.

Under the label of artAZ we have been organising exhibitions since 2007 but our experience goes back 25 years.
We provide 360 services: from idea conception to full production and promotion of a show, it all happens in-house.
Our exhibitions bear the signature artAZ style which consists of a thoroughly eclectic approach towards our subjects and we stay ahead of the curve by combining our art expertise with a keen understanding of emerging trends.
From solo exhibitions to grand-scale group shows we have created & presented concepts internationally.

We prioritise our own curatorial program but will gladly consider collaborations & commissioned projects.
If you have an idea that you want to discuss with us you can contact us here.