Mykonos Art Program

Art Consulting

Art Consulting

Art Consulting

You can stop guessing & stressing now – we provide solutions to your problems.

We understand the challenges of navigating the art world.

We coach artists and art businesses to help them develop their artistic signature, overcome blocks, understand art world mechanisms and realise their full potential.

We offer a diverse program of coaching packages, from beginners’ prepping courses to targeted crash courses unlocking isolated areas of interest as well as individual sessions addressing specific needs.

Our courses include:

  • Introduction to the art world
  • Creating your artistic brand
  • Portfolio & Texts
  • Website auditing & design
  • Art Pricing
  • Galleries & clients approach
  • Press
  • Social Media
  • PR & marketing
  • The Full Bundle

Coaching courses can be taken in person or remotely.
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We find fast, appropriate solutions to your problems and help you put your ideas into actions and realise your goals.

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We offer a full audit of you or your business to determine where you stand and pinpoint the problem areas of your career together with a proposal on how to fix them. All this delivered to you free of charge and without the obligation to do business with us.

The offer is valid through to 20 December 2019.