Curated by

Alexandra Kollaros


The Project Gallery, Athens


October 2019


323 artworks & artists from 15 countries

The Ultimate Surprise

SURPRISE X marked the 10 year anniversary of SURPRISE – artAZ’s art campaign for the support the homeless of Greece. During this decade of fighting adversity with art more than 2000 artists from around the world have joined our cause.

X was presented at The Project Gallery, inaugurating its new premises in central Athens.
The proceeds from the sale are donated to the Homeless Support Program of KLIMAKA NGO.


Supported by: Kir Yianni Winery

Media sponsors: AAF, Athens Voice, Bovary, deBop, Kroma, Open Art Gallery, Pepper FM, Popaganda, The Real Queen of Stuff, Urban Life

Parallel Program

The anniversary edition’s parallel program offered the opportunity to further interact with contemporary art and further support the cause.

AUCTION: The silent auction returned, bigger and even more enticing. Select artists offered bigger artworks, with the auction being open to everyone.

AUGMENTED REALITY: Sergio Ko created a series of AR works to introduce the audience to artistic applications of this special vein of technology. We were all captured by the result.

BLIND WALL: 100 small artworks – in what we may call a real surprise for the audience, since they were all wrapped. Buyers had to assume the risk of blindly selecting what to buy. A different and rather entertaining approach to the concept of the lottery. Aside from the “surprise” artwork, 5 hand-designed bags containing artistic goodies were offered by Sox Art Shop for 5 ultra lucky winners.