Artworks that Enhance the Sofa's Fabric


Group exhibition


9 ENNEA Art Space


March 2019

Curated by

Alexandra Kollaros

The exhibition

With a concept inspired by the best-selling art book «Greek Art from A to Z» the exhibition championed the concept of bringing solid contemporary art back to the people, where it truly belongs. By presenting aesthetically impactful artworks that convey their meaning in direct ways, the show urged the audience to embrace and enjoy contemporary art.


Ismini Bonatsou, Nikos Giavropoulos, Eleni Karadimou,

Giannis Kardassis, Dina Koumpoulis, Yorgos Lintzeris,

Dimitra Marouda, Fotis Pehlivanidis, Kostas Spanakis,

Maria Spyraki, Ariadne Strofylla, John Bicknell,

Paraskevi, Shepard Fairey, John Valyrakis,

Constantine Vraziotis, Iakovos Volkov (ΝΑR), Ioli Xifara